An Agile All-In-One OTT Solution to Boost Your Streaming Business

100% Customizable Software

The open and flexible architecture lets you customize the OTT software with your brand, your corporate identity, and deliver any content, on any device, under any business model.

On-Premise / On-Cloud

On-premise or on-cloud is totally up to you.  With our ready-to-play platform, either way, you'll have your new streaming service out on the market in just a few weeks. No hidden integrations. No extra services. No fuss.

End-to-End Development Support

Build your OTT software with a single point of contact for all development-related support. We make sure that everything operates smoothly.

All Device Player

OTTMaster player supports to every kind of OTT devices such as smart phone, TV boxes, web browsers, gaming consoles, VR headsets to enable multi-device compatibility.

Secured DRM

The best-in-class digital rights management (DRM) product makes it easy to protect your most valuable video content and safeguard streaming operations across every platform.

Post-launch Service

The post-launch support of your OTT software is guaranteed by the professional service team from OTTMaster. Focus fully on your operations and strategically expend your core business.


The Market-Proven Video APPs Developed by OTTMaster Could Meet All Your Needs

OTTMaster's consumer video apps run on different streaming platforms such as iOS and Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, VR headsets and more. Based on your needs and demands, we are willing to develop new applications to enable you as a media provider to stream content on an extensive range of modern devices.

Cross-Platform Support

Build OTT video apps to deliver and monetize branded experiences across all popular platforms, without the need for developers.

Robust, Market Tested Features

Leverage a robust set of features across every OTT app, regardless of what platform it's on.

White Label Apps

Make sure your brand is always spot-on, on any device. Our agile, branded OTT apps for mobile, web, and Smart TV ease the work for you.

Paywall Integration

Control viewers' accessibility to premium videos - seamlessly - with a paywall integration on your OTT video applications.

Flexible Monetization

Whether you're building an AVOD, SVOD or TVOD product, OTTMaster supports advertising, sponsorships, subscriptions, metering and more to help you get the most value out of your content.

User Privacy and Control

Ensure privacy support to the OTT app spotlighted with the development of secured multi-level streaming protocols.

Accelerate Your Streaming Business Growth With One Single OTT Platform

One single OTT platform to manage metadata, playlists, distribution, ad campaigns, analytics, and user permissions - anytime and anywhere.


Everything you need to know

Bulk uploading of contents with digital rights management. Upload once, broadcast anywhere.

End-to-end media preparation, from content acquisition, transcoding, packaging, and origination to encryption, and distribution to the CDN. It supports any content type.

Excellent viewing experience cross multiple streaming devices.

Complete control every aspect of the content offering, from content packages, pricing, and discounts to payment method to gain new users and keep them engaged.

Manage all the household accounts, user profiles, and subscription packages at device-level control in a unified way.

Powerful region-based policies allow or deny video playback in different geographies.

Visualized insights across all devices and platforms on video engagement, device-level playback, and consumer-level analytics.

White-label OTT platform with customizable features and themes.


The own Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology developed by OTTMaster can enable an end-to-end content protection for all streaming contents.

Strong Encryption Algorithm

The unique encryption algorithm developed and owned by OTTMaster ensures your copyrighted content is protected from end-to-end.

Solid Authentication and Authorization

OTTMaster's authentication defines a solid process of validating the identity of a registered user before enabling access to protected video contents. Furthermore, OTTMaster's authorization builds a more granular process that validates that the authenticated user has been granted permission to gain access to the specific content that has been requested.

Screenshot Prevention and Decetion

It's a standard universal feature for all users of the OTTMaster consumer app to prevent anyone from taking a screengrab of your application. On a user attempt, a message displays indicating that screenshots are a violation of our terms of service. 

CDN service for OTT VoD and live player

Video CDN & P2P

Want to reinforce your competitive advantage with high-quality video content and optimized video delivery, but in a cost-effective way?

Our experts from OTTMaster are willing to provide rational and feasible proposals based on your existing circumstances and problems.

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