We Want to Grow with You!

At OTTMaster, We are Partner First.

OTTMaster is one of the most professional OTT platforms available on today's video streaming market. Its rich functions, flexible customization, high performance and proven reliability is well ahead of many competitors.

Individual approach to collaboration allows us developing mutually beneficial relationship with each of the partners. We continue to put partners first and invest in their success.

Be our strategic partner and gain access world-class technology, training, resources and OTT expertise. Together, we can make a greater impact to accelerate streaming innovation for everyone…everywhere.

For your convenience, partners are separated in 3 categories:



Reseller is a company that engages in the promotion and re-sale of OTTMaster product and services. Reseller’s primary task is to find a lead, present and promote OTTMaster product and services, consult the lead on best suited solution, and arrange signature of the contract, while OTTMaster will actually provide the selected service.


Certified Partner

Certified Partner, besides the right to promote and re-sell OTTMaster product and services, is officially authorized to deliver selected services and solutions. The partner benefits from keeping a very close contact with the customers at all times and thus is able to sell other value added services to the customer along with OTTMaster services and create a stronger attachment to customer.


Premium Partner

While Premium Partner has the same authorization to promote, re-sell and deliver OTTMaster product and services, this highest partner status is testament of special knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the capacity to participate in sophisticated projects related to OTTMaster solution implementation, integration and support.

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